burglar alarm systemIf you’re worried about burglaries in the local area, you’ve probably already started to think about ways to protect your home and which is the best home security system for you.

There is so much choice on the market that it can be baffling, and trying to work out whether you need an alarm, CCTV, smartphone apps, remote monitoring or a combination can be hard work.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on the search for the best home security system for you.
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Remember you’re an individual

No two homes are the same, and when you’re looking around online trying to answer questions about which home security is the best or which monitoring company to use, it’s almost impossible for you to find an example or quote which will exactly mirror your circumstances at home.

Remember that a CCTV company is going to tell you that you need cameras, just as an alarm company will tell you that you need a new alarm.

It’s best you look for a company which offers a wide range of different security solutions rather than concentrating on just one type as they won’t want to push just one solution, or get your local Crime Prevention Police officer round to give genuinely impartial advice.

Best Home Security System - Best alarm systems

Most home security systems start with you selecting a house alarm.

The best sort of alarm system is one which is professionally installed, regularly maintained and which is easy for you to operate.

Look for one which will allow you to set the alarm in one part of the house when you’re asleep in another, and which comes with a box you can put on the outside of the house to let everyone know you’ve got an alarm.

The next thing you should consider is how likely your neighbours are to respond if your alarm is triggered; if they are unlikely to investigate, then look for an alarm which will ring a programmed number such as your mobile, or which is monitored remotely by a security company.

Best Home Security System - Best security cameras

You should always buy cameras which offer as sharp and good a picture as you can afford within your budget.

We’ve all seen those CCTV pictures which are so grainy that they are useless, so you should look for cameras with high resolution which can work in the dark.

You should think too about the recording equipment.

You should check whether you need more server storage capacity if you are regularly away from home as most digital video recorders (DVR) can record 7 days of footage.

Most DVR units can record images from a number of cameras simultaneously, so you should check that you are not buying too large or small a unit.

Don’t forget the basics

It’s all very well investing in security cameras and alarms, but you shouldn't forget basics such as locks on windows, a hefty padlock for the shed and a multi-locking system for your front door.

You should let would-be burglars know you’ve protected your home by putting security stickers in windows and doors.  You should make sure your alarm box and security cameras are easy to see from the street.

Compare quotes from alarm engineers across the UK with Top Tradespeople

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