You may have decided what you want to do to your home but what are the building regulations and planning permission relating to your project?It is absolutely essential to ensure that any work that you carry out on your home complies with building regulations.

If you proceed with a project and find that in the future it is not compliant with current legislation, you may find that your local building control may make you roll-back the work to it’s previous state.

This could involve taking down your extension, returning your roof to it’s pre-build status, or even worse, knocking down your home.

Furthermore, whoever has carried out the work on your home could be prosecuted or face a fine if the work is not carried out to building regulations or without proper notification in advance of work.

When it comes to moving to your next home, without certification of works providing evidence of compliance with building regulations, you may experience problems with selling your home.

Rules are different for Northern Ireland and Scotland, so you should be aware of this.

Regulations do not only cover major building works, but also can cover projects which involve alterations that you may otherwise consider to be minor.

These involve such things as adding radiators to a current heating system, adding or replacing an electric fuse box or carrying out work on an existing system of electrics.

If you add air conditioning to your home you will also need to check building regulations out.

We’ve pulled together some of the building regulations relating to the different parts of your home.

Building Regulations By Room or Part of Home

Regulations vary dependent on the part of your home that you plan on carrying out work and different legislation can apply for each project you undertake.

Conservatories and Orangeries
Plumbing and Heating
Energy Efficiency
Windows and Glazing